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Pamela Lampitt must have been inconvenienced by some wayward pedestrians who were texting.  For the rest of us, this would be a minor annoyance with perhaps some horn beeping or perhaps creative gesturing if we were particularly inconvenienced.  Ms. Lampitt is no mere citizen however.  She gets to put people in jail for doing what she doesn’t like, because she is a legislator.  So when she is inconvenienced, we all better look out.  She has

The Obama/Lynch Justice department has once again joined with state and local law enforcement to steal property from Americans.  As law professor/blogger Glenn Reynolds puts it, “WHEN CITIZENS ARE SEEN AS PREY: Justice Department reinstates federal program that helps state cops act like robbers.”   It seems that General Holder’s humanity and sympathy for those faced with such draconian action by the federal government is not shared by our new Attorney General Loretta Lynch. In asset forfeiture,

What factors do you think you would need to determine the best interests of a child in a custody hearing?  Stable living situation - check - good nutrition - check - proper medical care - check - correct race - ??  Was that on your list?  Would the race of the parents, or the culture they came from be the most important thing?  Unlike Nazis or inbred hyper show-dogs, trying to insure purity of the

Today the Supreme Court announced it would not rule on Colorado’s marijuana legalization laws.   The Court ruled it would not hear the case and thus, Nebraska’s and Okalahoma’s forays into fair weather federalism are over for the moment. They had wanted the Supreme Court to declare Colorado’s own state constitution and laws somehow illegal.  The petition they filed details how Colorado’s new marijuana laws are not consistent with federal law (a given), and how that

School administrators in public schools are required to respect the rights of their students.  However, they all too often violate the free speech rights of same.  That they do so frequently in a manner that doesn’t add to safety, security, or education is profoundly troubling.   No, no skinhead tried to wear an SS uniform to school.  The latest popular case involves censoring the ideas of a Jewish man through Nazi symbols.   Students, Jews included, decided

We’re now at the close of Sunshine Week and celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Freedom of Information Act.  “Sunshine Week is a national initiative to promote a dialogue about the importance of open government and freedom of information. Participants include news media, civic groups, libraries, nonprofits, schools and others interested in the public’s right to know.” Government has extraordinary powers, up to and including the power to legally use lethal force in a context no

Should we ban the $100 bill?  Or rather stop producing them?  Last week Larry Summers, former Treasury Secretary and Director of the National Economic Council wrote that we should do exactly that because people who want financial privacy use them, and big time drug dealers and other criminals use them and also - terrorism! He said “a moratorium on printing new high denomination notes would make the world a better place.” If you give no

On Apple, privacy and what the government has required through the All Writs Act. Marco Rubio said in the last debate: The only thing they’re being asked to do, and the FBI made this very clear about 48 hours ago, is allow us to disable the self- destruct mode that’s in the Apple phone so that we can try to guess using our own systems what the password of this killer was. And I think they should comply

In his weekly radio address, President Obama announced he would travel to Cuba next month.  He’s not the only one.  Last week it was reported that “The United States and Cuba have signed an agreement authorizing up to 110 daily US commercial flights to Havana and nine other cities on the communist island.  The first flight for more than 50 years between the two countries will take off in the next six months.” was the

Let’s say you owned and operated a company that made locks.  Locks for cars, houses, padlocks, etcetera.  Your company sold more locks than most others and were popular.  All sorts of people used them to secure their property and valuables.  The thing is some bad people used them too - they would lock up things they stole from others - using your locks.  Now let's say the police want to open a container because they

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