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The Constitution is dead, and so now is the leading proponent of such a view.   Antonin Scalia was the best known and most eloquent proponent for deciding the rule of law absent the preferences of the decider.  That’s what made him a great Justice - that and his terrific ability to turn a phrase.  When looking for a candidate to take his seat on the high court, Congress and the President, now or after January

Another record year for the USA baby!!!! There’s nothing we can’t do if we set our minds to it. In this case, that includes saying sayonara to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. That’s right, in 2015, our fellow americans - oops that’s our former fellow americans, renounced their citizenship in greater numbers than ever before. CNN reports an increase of over 20% of former U.S. citizens who decided that

The Book of Deuteronomy may prohibit clothing with differing thread types, but it says nothing about mismatched window coverings.   Leave that to the fine folks running Pagedale, Missouri.  They find mismatched curtains so offensive to decency and good order they have outlawed them.  They have also outlawed window screens with holes, walking on the left side of a crosswalk, and wearing pants below the waist.  You can spend three months in jail for committing the

Last week at a campaign event in Iowa, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie went back and forth with a nurse who is a proponent of legalizing the use of marijuana as medicine.   Shelly Van Winkle asked Christie how he would balance states’ rights to legalize medicinal marijuana with the fact that federal law still considers marijuana a Schedule 1 drug. Would he do anything to address the confusion? Christie replied that “federalism is a concept, it’s

Obama to oppose assault weapon legislation? So we can stop talking about “assault rifles” then? President Obama wasted no time after the recent school shooting in Oregon to seize the moment for a political jab at gun control opponents, and to celebrate the cause of more gun controls.  While his remarks are full of platitudes and downright falsehoods buoying his position and demonizing his opponents, there is perhaps, one area where common ground might be found. The president

by Tim Donner We are hearing more and more these days about the toxic environment enveloping our national government, how the right and left have become more polarized, more divided and more entrenched than ever. But one piece of biblical wisdom must be considered: there is nothing new under the sun. Political polarization has been a prominent feature of our constitutional republic from the beginning of this great experiment in liberty called America. If you really think this political

Is it alright for the police to forbid you from traveling to and from your own home? Most (hopefully all!) people would agree that the police should not be legally allowed to do that.  At least not without a compelling reason, such as a gas leak, or an unhinged neighbor shooting up the place. What if there wasn't an emergency however, but an event planned almost a year in advance?  That’s what happened this past weekend in

by Tim Donner As a naive young boy seeking my own happiness, it was second nature for me to believe that most people were the same way. I believed that attaining personal happiness was more than enough of a challenge for individuals, without adding other people into the mix. I thought that this was the natural state of affairs. Thus, the growing realization that this world is full of people who seek to control others was disconcerting

On Friday the Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti signed a firearm magazine ban which will go into effect in 60 days.  The new law was passed unanimously by the city council on July 28.  This law is significantly different than most other magazine or gun bans we usually see proposed, much less passed, because it makes people criminals if they don’t hear about the law, and throw away or sell their currently perfectly legally

From the Washington Times, we learn “[t]he Seattle City Council is expected to cast a final vote Monday on legislation that adds new taxes and regulations on firearms and ammunition sold in the city.” The law passed a committee vote unanimously last week and mandates a  “$25 tax on firearms and a 5-cent-per-round tax on ammunition, and would force gun owners to report a lost or stolen firearm within 24 hours.” No word on whether the

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