One side of the debate on the great Transsexual Bathroom Controversy of 2016 that is scarcely mentioned is the one that values maximum freedom. Freedom for transsexuals, and freedom for those who wish to choose who uses their bathrooms. All that need be done is allow private property owners to decide for themselves who is allowed to go into what bathrooms.  Problem solved.

But this freedom is anathema to many on the right and the left.  Democrats try to shove social change and celebration of transsexuals down the throats of those who are culturally conservative and would like to restrict who uses their bathrooms.  Republicans on the other hand have tried to dictate who gets to go into the various lavatories of North Carolina.  

The left lies with their presentation of the problem as some new Jim Crow, and the right acts as though without new legislation that sexual assault would be legal.  

Both are untrue, and those battle positions drawn up by the respective sides lead us further away from freedom and closer to more command and control.  Reject it.

This whole thing was started by those on the left who simply can not handle freedom.  Previously, if you owned a restaurant, for instance, in Charlotte, North Carolina, and wanted to allow your customers to choose which bathroom to use irrespective of the sex listed on their birth certificate, you could.  No problem.  And if you chose some restriction, for instance forbidding transsexual women from the ladies room, you were free to do that as well.

Not any more.  








Did you think the left was pro choice?  No longer.  Now, you must comply.  With the arguments and accommodations required to placate and pay off all the various interest groups demanding their share of powers’ dividends, there is no room for dissent.  Imposing into law their preferences on how people are treated, the Charlotte, N.C. city council passed a law which required, among other things, that transsexuals be permitted to use any bathroom they please.

The state legislature, or more accurately, Republicans in the state legislature, reacted not by mandating that the city of Charlotte respect the freedom of private property owners to permit or deny access to their bathrooms as they chose, but by mandating their own bathroom preferences on every bathroom in the state.  Both houses of the legislature and the governor, with almost no Democrat support, passed and signed a law requiring people to use only bathrooms corresponding to the sex on their birth certificate.

A pox on both their houses.