The board room is the area that is reserved for company’s high-level meetings. It can seat up to 48 people (24 can be in the table and 24 seated around the perimeter of the walls). This room is a reflection of K-State Olathe’s determination to meet the needs of business executives in executive meeting space, research and training. This room features a more formal decor with basic audiovisual equipment.

The term “board” is a reminiscence of wealthy men seated in dark wood-paneled rooms with high ceilings, discussing the corporate policy and pricing in hopes of dominating a market or an opportunity. The boardroom has become an innovation hub, allowing more collaboration and global participation in making crucial decisions that impact an entire business.

The design of the room must be flexible so that it can be adapted to its intended use. The space should also feature modern technology that will allow for the most productive meetings possible. In addition, the ambience of the boardroom should be welcoming and comfortable, which will encourage interaction and promote the exchange of ideas.

A boardroom needs to be equipped with an adequate screen to accommodate all attendees. It should also be equipped with an LCD projector to show presentations and whiteboards to help facilitate discussions. Modern boardrooms may also incorporate a videoconferencing system to connect with distant attendees and provide greater diversity among the board members. Infassure has modern boardrooms equipped with all of the necessary tools to make your next meeting an absolute success.

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