Sometimes the only way to truly appreciate liberty is to experience tyranny. Polish war hero Julian Kulski, speaking to OneGen’s Liberty Speaker Series, discusses surviving the dual tyranny of Nazis and Communists.

Julian Kulski was a civil servant, best known for being President of Warsaw during World War II.

During pre-war period he was a Vice President of Warsaw (1935-1939) under Stefan Starzyński, with whom he actively led a defense of city during Invasion of Poland. He was named by German occupation authorities the President after Starzyński was arrested. Kulski accepted this post with advice of resistance movement and Polish Government in Exile and during his tenure actively working with them against occupation forces, always remained loyal to Poland.

Before he became a part of Warsaw municipal government he served in the Polish Legions in World War I (1914-1917), and Polish Army (1919-1921). He was also a commander of the People’s Militia in Warsaw (1918-1919) and longtime high-rank employee of the Ministry of Treasury.

Because of his accomplishment during the war, Kulski remained widely recognized.

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